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HVCA Hunter Safety

Hello, thank you for choosing HVCA to provide your Hunter Safety Field Segment for your Online Course and Certificate!

***READ ME***

Please be aware that this registration is ONLY for the Hunter Safety (in person) Field Segment. All applicants MUST register and complete the online course before taking the field segment provided by HVCA (8/4/18). Please go to the following link to complete the online course, there will be a fee associated with the online course:

Funding may be available to help participants with this expense.

For more hunter safety specific information or questions please email us at

IMPORTANT: All Applicants must first register for HVCAs field segment course. Next, register and complete the online hunter safety course. Then print your online course completion certificate and bring it to the field segment. Below are the locations for part 1 and part 2 of the course. All applicants MUST go to both locations to pass the course. The course starts on August 4th, 2018 at the Romulus VFW at 9:00am. The course will end on August 4th, 2018 at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Association at 4:00pm. The VFW will provide lunch.


Participants 10 years of age an under must be accompanied by an adult.

First Location for Course Testing
Second Location for Live Fire Exercise
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