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Michigan United Conservation Club

MUCC has been hosting youth camp programs in the summer since 1946. Since then, over 57,000 youth have learned how to enjoy and preserve the outdoors safely. Huron Valley Conservation Association's goal is to provide the youth with the opportunity to enjoy the MUCC camps while exploring and learning how to protect the wildlife.


HVCA is proud to offer sponsorship opportunities to send children and teens ages 5-16 to these MUCC summer camps. To receive more information contact us today!

MUCC website:

MUCC provides a range of different camps listed below. 
  • Day Camp, Ages 5-8
  • Conservation Connection Camp, Ages 9-11
  • Fishing Camp, Ages 9-11
  • Wetland Wonders Camp, Ages 9-11
  • Fantastic Forests Camp, Ages 9-11
  • Fur Harvesters Camp, Ages 12-14
  • Hunting Heritage Camp, Ages 12-14
  • Primitive Skills Camp, Ages 12-14
  • Stewards in Training Camp, Ages 14-15
  • Counselors in Training Camp, Ages 15-16

Michigan United Conservation Camp has opened registration for summer camps for 2018! 

HVCA has slots open to send kids to camp. We would love to sponsor your children. Visit the MUCC website and find out more or you can contact the HVCA club directly for information and registration.

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